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Affordable monthly apartments in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama

The largest number of properties in Tokyo

  • 1 day

      2,500Yen ~

  • 1 month

    Total amount
    75,000Yen ~

  • Long-term discount
    • Deposit 0, key money 0
    • No guarantor required
    • Easy procedure
    • With furniture appliances
    • No utility bill is required
    • Foreigners available

Corporate use | Business trip / Training / Company housing Cost reduction measures

For corporate customers
Union Monthly
<Corporate contract>​ 3​ ​big merits
  • ​ ​Cost reduction
  • Easy procedure
  • Reliable service

1.​ ​Cost reduction

Deposit key money
Each fee
The contract isDailyPossible with!
* Contracts are for a minimum of one month.
Union Monthly, when you sign up for a monthly apartment,Deposit, key money and fees are free
Therefore, unlike ordinary rental, the initial cost is significantly reduced,​ ​Effective cost reduction​ ​is possible.
In addition, you can contract on a daily basis for more than one month, so you can use it efficiently for the usage period.
Union Monthly Price Example

2.Easy procedure

​ ​The procedure is​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​No need to visit
​ ​Move-in immediatelyOK
Union Monthly, you can apply for a monthly apartment without visiting the company. Contract documents are handled by e-mail or postal mail, also we deliver apartment key with special porch by postal mail, so you don't need to visit our office !​ ​
In addition, Union Monthly offers a many rooms which you can move-in immediately, it is good for sudden business trips etc.
Flow from room search to moving in さらに詳しくはこちら お問合わせ 0120-330-833

3.Reliable service

Reliable support
[Deliver to room]
Options choise
Union Monthly, we can provide you with support up to the time you move in, as well as 24 hours a day until you leave. Specialist staff will respond promptly in case of sudden trouble or if you are using. Furthermore, <selectable options> to help you live more comfortably are enhanced! Just select the necessary items from options such as "Mobile Wi-Fi router" required for Internet use and "Renewal (extension) guarantee"! Some household goods will be delivered to your room before moving in. You can make a contract according to your usage with the "rental option" and "service option" services that are convenient for moving in!

Benefits of Union Monthly

If you use monthly from more than one month, you can decide usage period on a daily basis.​ ​
Union Monthly offers contracts for various periods of use, from short stay to long stay.
  • Large​ ​number of properties in Tokyo
    In Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama
    We have a lot of  properties with good access.
    We will offer the best room that suit your purpose.
    All properties are within walking distance from a nearest station.
  • Available​ ​room facilities
    Quality furniture and appliances
    are installed in all rooms.
    We will deliver hotel like quality and​ ​
    comfortable place like home.
  • Concierge service
    Someone who doesn't have time to find a room,
    Our professional staff will
    offer the best room for your conditions,
    We will propose to customers.
  • Good accessAvailable​ ​
    There are many properties around Yamanote Line, which is popular area,
    also the 23 wards of Tokyo, mainly around the Keihin Tohoku Line area.
    In addition, Kanagawa (Yokohama, Kawasaki, etc.) and Chiba, Saitama.
    There are a lot of properties we handle.

Pick Up​ ​Corporate use <Recommended properties >

  • Union Monthly Shinagawa Residence 1
    Union Monthly Shinagawa Residence 1
    10 mins walk from JR Yamanote Line / Shinagawa Station
    Kitashinagawa Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
  • Union Monthly Ikebukuro East Tower 1
    Union Monthly Ikebukuro East Tower 1
    7 minutes on walk from JR Yamanote Line / Ikebukuro Station
    Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
  • Union Monthly Shibuya 1
    Union Monthly Shibuya 1
    8 mins walk from JR Yamanote Line / Shibuya Station
    Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
All rooms installed

Union Monthly
Complete in all rooms!

  • Kitchen


  • Bathroom


  • Toilet


  • Refrigerator


  • Microwave


  • Electric kettle

    Electric kettle

  • Air conditioner

    Air conditioner

  • Bed


  • TV


  • Vacuum cleaner

    Vacuum cleaner

  • closet

    Closet or hanger rack

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