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Home work support campaign

\ Union Monthly supports homework and telework! /

I have children at home and can't concentrate on my work ...
There is no work space at home and work efficiency is poor...
Security is a concern for cafes and share offices...

⇒We recommend a monthly apartment that can be used for 7 days! !!(※1)

For 7 days or more, you can contract on a daily basis,
You can work in peace in your own private space.
Unlike the hotel day-use plan, you can use it at any time you like without worrying about the time.

Lots of discounted cleaning costs!
Immediate move-in OK! In addition, the maximum cleaning fee is free! (Maximum 23,100 OFF)

Union Monthly has a wide range of rental items to make your teleworking life more comfortable

① No data capacity upper limit when using high speed mode (*2)
Mobile Wi-Fi router ¥ 2,400 / month ~
(2) Improve productivity by aligning PC peripherals
Microphone built-in webcam|LED light 1,500 yen/month~
③ GYM goods for refreshment and lack of exercise
Incline | Training bench 1,650 yen / month ~
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*1 Some properties are not covered.
*2 If the default APN of the router is changed, it may be subject to speed limitation (more than 7 GB per month). If the total traffic of "WiMAX 2+" and "4G LTE" in high-speed plus area mode exceeds 7GB this month, "WiMAX 2+" and "4G LTE" will be included during the month, including "WiMAX 2+" communication in high-speed mode. The maximum transmission speed of 4G LTE communication is 128kbps.

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The largest number of properties in Tokyo

  • 1 day

      2,500Yen ~

  • 1 month

    Total amount
    75,000Yen ~

  • Long-term discount
    • Deposit 0, key money 0
    • No guarantor required
    • Easy procedure
    • With furniture appliances
    • No utility bill is required
    • Foreigners available

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