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Business Guide | Providing a safe and secure space with know-how cultivated through hotel management

"The best relaxing space" to deliver new excitement

Two resort hotels in Karuizawa and Kumejima, Okinawa that offer a high-quality and relaxing space where new excitement is born.
A business hotel in the Tokyo metropolitan area and a monthly condominium with furnished appliances to help you succeed in the everyday business scene.
We offer sophisticated quality spaces in cities and resorts.

Urban Residence

Many monthly apartments are available in the suburbs of Tokyo that can be used in various scenes. We provide a safe and secure relaxing space based on the know-how cultivated through hotel management. Union Monthly will continue to deliver excitement to our customers as a "Flex style Residence" that can meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Union Monthly

Based on the concept of "Flex style Residence", we prepare rooms to meet various needs. It is used for temporary housing for business trips, training, job hunting and rebuilding.

Sub-lease business

We offer a one-stop service that allows both residents and owners to realize numerous benefits. We provide a service that can turn owners' anxiety into "security"

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Resort Hotels

A cypress resort that heals the mind and body of customers with rich nature and attentive hospitality. Boasting dishes made with seasonal ingredients, you can only taste here using fresh local ingredients. We offer creative cuisine utilizing traditional Japanese techniques and French cuisine. Enjoy the best food in the finest space.

Hotel Cypress Karuizawa

Spacious holidays in spacious guest rooms. There is a large communal bath fully equipped with a carbonated spring, so you can relax after a long walk. For dinner, please enjoy French & Teppanyaki using local ingredients.

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Cypress Resort Kumejima

30 minutes by plane from Okinawa Island and 3 minutes by car from Kumejima Airport (shuttle bus is available). Enjoy the magnificent sunset overlooking the ocean view of all rooms.

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Cypress Inn Tokyo

1 min walk from from JR Shinkoiwa Station, 13 minutes to Tokyo Station and Akihabara Station. All rooms are equipped with Semi-double bed and high-quality duvets, providing a comfortable and relaxing space.

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Group Summary List of Union Group Companies

Union Support Co., Ltd.

Management of group companies, provision of shared services, new business development and incubation

[Head office location] 160-0023 Tokyo shinjuku-ku Nishishinjuku 7-7-26 Wacore Shinjuku Daiichi Building

Tel. +81- 3363-0261 (generation) Fax. +81- 3366-4891

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Union City Service Co., Ltd.

Real estate comprehensive management centering on condominium management, construction such as large-scale repairs and repairs, related services such as insurance sales, tsusho care business

[Head office location] 160-0023 Tokyo shinjuku-ku Nishishinjuku 7-7-26 Wacore Shinjuku Daiichi Building

Tel. +81- 5332-9630 (generation) Fax. +81- 5332-9546

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Union Capital Co., Ltd.

Consulting related to the effective utilization and regeneration of real estate and general real estate

[Head office location] 160-0023 Tokyo shinjuku-ku Nishishinjuku 7-7-26 Wacore Shinjuku Daiichi Building

Tel. +81- 3227-8121 (generation) Fax. +81- 3227-8126

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Union Mediate Co., Ltd.

Total property management business and related services such as real estate rental management and various mediations

[Head office location] 160-0023 Tokyo shinjuku-ku Nishishinjuku 7-7-26 Wacore Shinjuku Daiichi Building

Tel. +81- 3366-9980 (generation) Fax. +81- 3366-0045

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All rooms installed

Union Monthly
Complete in all rooms!

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  • Bathroom


  • Toilet


  • Refrigerator


  • Microwave


  • Electric kettle

    Electric kettle

  • Air conditioner

    Air conditioner

  • Bed


  • TV


  • Vacuum cleaner

    Vacuum cleaner

  • closet

    Closet or hanger rack

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